When I moved to San Antonio, I took on the job of "daycare" for my two grandchildren during summer vacation.  After a few days of this, I found I was more of a "neighborhood" babysitter.  I thought if I was going to have this whole gang of kids together every day, why not make the time fruitful.  So I started a simple daily bible study for the kids.  They loved it!  On their own time, they got together and "created" bible study tee shirts for each member.  They memorized Scriptures.  It was good for their reading skills, besides growing them spiritually.  At the end of the summer, we had a pool party.  This summer bible study was such a blessing to them, that the next summer, they "requested" we do it again.  And even set their own hours of 9:00-12:00 everyday!  They invited friends to join us on a regular basis.  We were all blessed.  At the end of the second summer, our pool party was rained out, so we had a pizza party and played in the rain!  These were definitely two summers to remember.  As a result, several of these children have become active in church and strive to bless others.  So when you have a task ahead of you that might look like work, turn it into a blessing for all concerned.

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