I would like to tell everyone about a good friend of mine.  She has a way of making anyone feel comfortable and always welcome to approach her.  Whether you are a elderly person in need of help reading a label in the grocery store, an unhappy cashier at Walmart who needs to vent and see just a smile in return, or a teen/early twenties special needs boy that feels the urge to just go up to a stranger and give her a big ole hug.  She is always willing to listen, even though she has her own issues and pressures that she is dealing with on a daily basis.  This woman can have a hectic and stress-filled day, yet find the strength and make the time to comfort others, help them relax and get them through their own frustrations.  Robbie has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met.  I greatly appreciate the friendship and support that she gives me on a daily basis.  Thank you, my dear friend!

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